Feb. 4, 2022


Ques:  At the declaration of Independence at Philadelphia, Boston Massachusetts etc in order to cheer, to fire canons and to ring bells people gathered but there were certain people as well who didn’t participate in this celebration. Comment.

Ans: In the celebration of American independence some Americans participated but some other remained aloof. This phenomenon can better be explained in context of class interest within American society.

Merchants, smugglers, political leaders, students etc. lent their support to the revolution as the revolution catered to their interest. Merchants were opposed to navigation laws or restriction on their trade. Smugglers were willing to get the restrictions placed on them through anti-smuggling laws removed. Political leaders visualized their bright future in independent America while students and intellectuals were guided by democratic ideas.

 On the other hand certain classes were opposed to liberation as that might hamper their own interest. For example, aristocratic class was opposed to American independence as they had enjoyed better power and privileges under the British rule. Apart from that the peasants of middle American region weren’t enthusiastic about independence as they were worried about their future uncertainty. Last but not the least, even Red Indians were upset about this freedom as they had enjoyed the protection by the British government against settlers. That’s why these social groups didn’t participate in celebration.