March 3, 2022


Ques- Treaty of Salbai was disadvantageous to the company. Do you agree with the statement? 

Answer:  Treaty of Salbai ended the protracted first Anglo-Maratha war and gave the company 20 years of breathing room, during which it left the Maratha Empire far behind in terms of military and financial strength. To call this treaty disadvantageous to the company would be incorrect on these grounds.

The First Anglo- Maratha war started when the Bombay Presidency interfered in the succession dispute in the court of Peshwa. As the conflict dragged on through numerous big and small skirmishes, The Governor-General of Calcutta presidency also had to get involved. 

The treaty of Salbai was certainly not so advantageous to the company as the other ones like Plassey and Buxar. The company also could not gain as much as it had hoped for.

 But, in the treaty of Salbai, the Britishers were given the island of Elephanta along with Salsette. Whereas, in the treaty of Surat, only Salsette was originally given to the company. This was perhaps because the company promised not to interfere in the internal affairs of Marathas.But, more importantly, the 20 years of time gap between the first and second Anglo-Maratha war was fully utilized by the company to pick off another formidable enemy, Tipu Sultan and consolidate its Bengal stronghold.

Thus, the treaty of Salbai was certainly advantageous to the company because, first, it prevented a rout of the English company at the hands of the formidable Maratha power. Second, it gave 20 years to the company to prepare for the second round of conflict.