July 31, 2023

Odesa Port

Odesa Port

Why in the news?

  • Russia’s continued massive attack second time in Odessa city of Ukraine.

About Odesa Port-

  • Russia's attack on Ukraine's Odesa port targeted the grain basic infrastructure.
  • The Odesa port, situated in the Black Sea region, is the largest port in Ukraine and the only one capable of handling Panamax ships.
  • Along with its ports in Chornomorsk (established in 1958) and Yuzhne (established in 1973), the Odesa port serves as a major centre for cargo and passenger transportation in Ukraine.
  • Russia used supersonic missiles to carry out the attack on the basic infrastructure of the Odesa port. During the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Odesa's three ports were the only operational ports in Ukraine.
  • The primary objective of this attack is to disrupt the shipping of Ukrainian grain. Furthermore, warehouses in Odesa, housing items like tobacco and fireworks, have also been affected. 
  • Moscow's decision has raised significant concerns regarding the surge in food prices and hunger in Africa and Asia. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022 and the subsequent blockade of Ukrainian ports have exacerbated the global food crisis.
  • In response to the situation, the United Nations and Turkey brokered the Black Sea grain deal last year. Both Russia and Ukraine are major grain exporters globally.